From 17 to 19 April 2024, the highly anticipated InfoComm Beijing was held at the China National Convention Center (CNCC) in Beijing. At this influential annual professional audiovisual event, a wide range of advanced audiovisual products and technologies, innovative solutions for a variety of industries, educational and learning opportunities, and industry networking platforms were presented to inspire and motivate visionary business leaders, executives, and professional audiovisual/IT professionals to explore ways to leverage innovative technologies to drive business progress.


As an important event for the audio/video industry, InfoComm Beijing provides a platform for exhibitors to showcase their latest technologies and products, as well as opportunities for industry professionals to communicate and collaborate. In this exhibition, Wuxi Slang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. presented SLANGEX-DR series of innovative products and attracted a lot of attention, and the engineers also came to the scene to demonstrate the product functions, make a comprehensive introduction of the product functions as well as demonstrate the operation of the OSD. SLANGEX-DR adopts self-developed algorithms of EXQ.S. EXQ.S adopts the algorithm based on the screen content coding ( SCC), intra-frame predictive coding ( IFPC) and the video encoding ( SCC), which is a new technology. EXQ.S is a coding algorithm based on the combination of Screen Content Coding (SCC), intra-frame predictive coding algorithm, and high throughput context-sensitive entropy coding, which has perfect performance in processing natural images. Based on the excellent EXQ.S algorithm, SLANGEX-DR is able to display 4K60 YUV 4:4:4 transmission in 300-500M at visually lossless quality, ensuring seamless switching with decoding latency of less than 16ms.

With its unique performance and advantages, SLANGEX-DR series became one of the focuses of the exhibition, demonstrating the technical strength and innovation of Slang Electronics in the field of audio and video, and was highly evaluated by the visitors.

The success of InfoComm Beijing not only promotes the development and progress of the industry, but also brings more opportunities and challenges for the future of related industries. It is believed that the industry will continue to flourish under the joint efforts of all parties.

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