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        Wuxi Slang Electronic Technology Co. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on professional audio and video solutions with Tsinghua University graduates as the backbone. Our products include SX-Dualrole, SX-Commander, Distributed Processor, Platform Software and so on.

        Slang Electronics has been focusing on the research and development of distributed graphics processors for twelve years, starting from customer needs. Having multiple national invention patents, utility model patents, and software copyrights.

        It has patent certificates: audio and video synchronization device for digital audio embedded in video, coding and decoding method for YUV4:4:4 data, clock synchronization system for digital audio and video signals, audio-video signal transmission interface, a transmission method using a single transmission method using a signal chain table, a method for improving the speed of image switching, utility model patent certificate, and a device for 4:4:4 transmission in the color space.

        In addition, Slang has its own production and testing workshop, which can ensure a large-scale and high-quality product production chain. With the complete structure from design, research and development, production and testing, we follow the original chip manufacturers, independently develop and produce products that provide customers with audio and video experience and high cost performance.

        Wuxi Slang Electronic Technology Co. has a long and stable cooperation with many listed companies with its large-scale production, complete and mature supply chain, standardized and strict quality control to produce a variety of high-quality and stable products.