February 11, 2020 -14 in the Netherlands Amsterdam International Convention and Exhibition Center held ISE2020 display integrated systems and equipment exhibition ended successfully. LED screen enterprises from all over the world to the meeting, including Samsung and Sony and other international large enterprises, the exhibition sit is crowded. According to statistics, this ISE display integrated systems and equipment exhibition is so far the exhibition space and the number of participants registered  more than one session, which naturally will not lack the participation of our LED screen enterprises.

       As a domestic industry enterprises, our company naturally also attended the exhibition, one in order to broaden the horizons from foreign high-precision enterprises to learn from the technology, and constantly improve and enrich themselves. At the same time, we can better understand the mainstream needs of today's market, so as to  develop and upgrade our self-developed products according to the market demand, and enhance our market competitiveness.

       During the exhibition, the system technologies exhibited by the company and its partner companies were unique and gained a lot of popularity, showing Chinese technologies to Europe and even to the whole world.

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